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Terms and conditions when booking with Svecia Travels AB

Booking private accommodation/event accommodation

When is my booking firm?

Both you and I are bound to the contract as soon as the booking confirmation is made verbally by the vendor, via email or when booking has been made on our website. These conditions are applying from this moment whether you have paid the full price or not at all. We offer a cancellation insurance which you have to order together with the booking.

When has payment to be effected?

Payment has to be made by the date given in the conditions below.
  1. Online: Payment is due immediately when booking an accommodation and can be made by credit card only. Our website is encrypted so you can safely enter your personal data and credit card information.
  2. Private/Company: Payment can be made by invoice or credit card. When paying with credit card the amount will be charged directly when you have made your booking or within 10 days after booking.

What happens if I do not pay in time?

In case of none payment Svecia Travels can cancel the booking you have made.
Cancellation of hotel, youth hoste and Bed and Breakfast
Cancellation has to be made at latest 17.00 am the day before arrival. If you cancel later no refund is made. The cancellation has to be made to Svecia Travels. If your booking is made for events (Tjej- Halv- or Vätternrundan) the same cancellation rules as for private accomodations (see below).
Cancellation of packages and tickets
Cancellation has to be made at latest 3 days before arrival.  If you cancel later no refund is made. The cancellation has to be made to Svecia Travels.
Cancellation of private accommodation/event accommodation/cottages
Cancellation without cancellation insurance
When cancelling your booking within 30 days before your arrival you get your money back except for a cancellation fee of 350 crowns. If you cancel your booking less than 30 days before arrival you will not get your money back. The booking is personal and can not be used by another person.

Cancellation with cancellation insurance

Cancellation insurance costs 350 crowns each booking and can be ordered when making the reservation. If cancellation will be made within 30 days before your arrival you get your money back in addition of the insurance amount of 350 crowns.
If you cancel your booking less than 30 days until your arrival you get your money back in addition of the insurance amount of 350 crowns. Please notice that you have to give evidence of the following reasons to ensure that the cancellation insurance is valid.
  1. Death, illness or another accident similar in kind which affects yourself, your wife/husband, your life companion, your family or your fellow passengers.
  2. In the event of a serious event outside your control that you could not predict when making the booking and that it is not reasonable to demand on your reservation such as fire or flooding in your home.
You have to prove your prohibition with a certificate from for example doctors, authorities or insurance companies. Please send the proofs to Svecia Travels AB as soon as possible. Certificates received later than 14 days after the cancellation will not be taken into consideration. The cost of the cancellation is non-refundable on cancellation.

Force majeure

Both you and I have the right to withdraw from the rent and the rental property due to force majeure such as: war, natural catastrophes, fires or other similar events that neither you nor I could foresee.

Good to know

Arrival and departure private accommodation/event accommodation/cottages

The accommodation will be placed at your disposal unless otherwise agreed by 15 o’clock at the day of arrival until 12 o’clock at the day of departure. You will receive your booking confirmation by mail after making the reservation, unless otherwise agreed. Please read it carefully to avoid misunderstandings. Please make sure that you enter the correct number of persons when making the reservation despite the given number of beds in the house.
For other bookings please look at your booking confirmation.

Practical information

Please notice that you have to be over 18 years old to make a reservation. In the description of every accommodation you can find information about bringing along pets or smoking. If you bring your pet please state this when making the booking.
Keep in mind that you have to clean the accommodation yourself, unless otherwise agreed. Cleaning equipment should be at your disposal. There shall also be kitchen equipment and bedding (duvet and pillow) corresponding to the number of persons and beds. You have to take care of the property as well as following the rules and regulations. Any damages incurred during the rental period will be replaced by the host.

My rights

If you have a complaint please inform Svecia Travels AB immediately. If we are not able to fix the error locally, you have to submit a written complaint (within 14 days after departure) to Svecia Travels AB, Slussvaktarstugan, Hamnpiren, 591 37 Motala, Sweden or info@sveciatravels.se

What happens if we cannot reach a compromise?

In case of none-conformance you can contact the National Board for Consumer Complaints, Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm. It consists of an independent chairperson and representatives of tour operators and consumers. The consumer adviser in your local community can also help you.

Law for personal data

By effecting payment you agree that your personal data may be processed by Svecia Travels AB. The purpose is to allow a user-friendly administration to assure that Svecia Travels has access to the confidential personal data in the event of an accident, to meet the conditions of the cancellation insurance and to administer and to cover possible damages. The data can also be used to provide information on insurance and payment services and related travel offers. Guests can also be contacted for market research. Svecia Travels will administrate your data. Svecia Travels is obliged to inform you once a year about the processing of the data at no charge and, upon request, to correct, block or delete incorrect personal data.

Svecia Travels AB, Omberg Stocklycke Vandrarhem 1, 59993 Ödeshög, +46(0)141-20 99 00
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